This is a 84,500 sq ft retrofit of a historic building in Washing DC. The project required eviromental remidiation as well as significant demolition. This finished building will provide a new home for 500 to 2,000 students to receive adult education and career training. The new facility will house the adult school, a day care center as well as a career center.

FFA as developer has raised $9 million in bond funds and has closed on construction and bridge financing. We have worked closely with Sonia Gutierrez, the Executive Director and her staff to bring this project to completion. Scheduled opening date is in the later part of 2003.

Executive Directors office,Sonia Gutierrez
Classroom with new computer lab and renovated floors
Culinary Arts center for Latino Students
Renovated building and fenced parking lot at1100 Harvard St.
Sonia Gutierrez and the development team at ribbon cutting September 2004
New  windows, conference room and security system at1100 Harvard St.

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