Our firm was established in May of 2001 as a Delaware corporation to provide development services to the Affiliate Network of National Council of La Raza, (NCLR). We work hard to develop quality properties within the under-served communities and communities with high concentration of Hispanic-Latinos. Our first project was the renovation Carlos Rosario International Charter School, in Washington DC.

FFA was formed by Mr. Thomas Espinoza and Mr. Marcos Morales, as a result for a need by many Community Service Organizations who are expert in their community and program operations, however are not familiar with the complexities of Real Estate Development, Facility Planning, Construction Oversight, and Property Management. The firm’s current principles are Mr. Thomas Castellanos and Mr. Marcos Morales.

During a recent survey, 80% of executive directors indicated that they are in need of assistance with their community development efforts and could better serve their Latino community with the help of experts in development.


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