Acting on behalf of our clients as a complete solution for building new , retrofit, and residential real estate projects..

We bring expertise and integrity on our approach to solving your development needs.


ORGANIZATION: Maximize your programs ability to charge rent to pay for new facilities. FFA can bring proven techniques to take advantage of reimbursement and allow for equity building in the new development. Planning the correct organization can reduce borrowing costs, and speed up the project timeline.

FEASIBILITY: Most developments have a number of alternatives for the owner to maximize program use, as well as increase revenue. FFA will not only work on the construction and build costs, but will provide scenarios for the owner to determine the long term success of the new facility.

TEAM BUILDING: FFA will work with the Ownership and complement your strengths with the selection of a first class development team. If needed FFA will assist you in bidding out he design, construction, and technical partners to make the building process a success.

SITE SELECTION: Evaluating numerous sites can be done by most owners. FFA will add the aspect of evaluating site expansion and growth, zoning use, as well as suitability for capital campaign fund raising. FFA also is knowledgeable in the EPA and historical designation regulations that are a critical part of the site selection processes.

DEVELOPMENT FINANCING: Securing the site is only half the battle. We will work to drive your development team to complete the project to Owners specifications and time deadlines. FFA will package a financing resource set that will include:

  • Predevelopment funding.
  • Construction line of credit.
  • Bridge Financing to move into newly developed facilities.
  • Permanent Loan through public and private sources.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: Development does not end with a Construction Budget. FFA will use is expertise to coordinate the development team, architects, general contractor, engineers, and local authorities. We will resolve conflicts on behalf of the owner, and insure that construction draws are paid on time with minimal work stoppage.

FFA will work with the development team and the owner on any change orders and keep the construction project on budget, and within the owners desired use parameters.

REACHING THE FINISH LINE: Obtaining a "Certificate of Occupancy" is the goal of all owner users. FFA will work to ensure that the grand opening of a new development is in time and coordinated with the service goals of the owner. Adequate planning on the front end, along with a good development team insures that the new development not only crosses the "finish line" but achieves the goals of the organization.


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